Hello, I'm Iris Lim :)

game designer / producer / front-end developer

I'm an all-around type of person with a varied background--experienced in designing, producing, and coding. I've worn many hats because I believe that to create something great, you have to jump in with both feet. Let's work together to make something amazing!

Just a few more things about me

  • 8 years of professional experience in developing best-selling games with 9 titles shipped on PC, Mac, Wii and iOS credited in design, writing and producing. (Learn More)

  • 10 years of experience managing on-site & remote teams from cross-discipline, different timezones, successfully shipping games and websites.

  • I'm open for commission work only. Let's talk!

Quick overview of my work

Present: Live Producer for Plato

  • Plato is a mobile app that lets you play multiplayer games, chat with people from around the world, and make new friends. It has 47 games and 1M+ daily players.

  • As a live producer at Plato, I help to ensure that the team releases weekly content updates that engage players and improve retention.

Past work: Commercial Games

Role: Lead Design & Writing

  • Death at Cape Porto: A Dana Knightstone Novel (2013 | PC/Mac/iOS)

  • Death Upon An Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel (2012 I PC/Mac/iOS)

  • Death under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel (2011 I PC/Mac/iOS)

  • Antique Road Trip: USA (2010 | PC/Mac/Andriod/iOS)

Role: Design

  • Super Awesome Quest (2014 | Andriod/iOS)

  • Awakening Kingdoms (2013 | iOS/PC)

  • Antique Road Trip 3: American Dreamin' (2013 | iOS/PC)

  • Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel (2010 | PC/Mac/iOS).

  • Awakening: The Dreamless Castle (2010 | PC/Mac/iOS)

Fun Personal Projects(view alll)

What others said about me:

"Iris is very organized in the way she plans and executes work. I particularly enjoy her curiosity that she brought into the team, questioning the principles and solving problems from the root cause. She is a fast learner, a team player, and very adaptable to change. It has been a very pleasant journey working alongside her."

Wei Hao Tan, Co-Founder, ANA Industries

"Iris was critical to a number of our top-selling projects and was well-loved by the team she managed. She's a tremendous creative energy for any team, and a welcome addition to any company."

Christopher Natsuume, Co-Founder, Boomzap Entertainment

"Iris has been an absolute joy to work with despite being located half the world away. Being one of the first to get on board this massive project, her enthusiasm and attention to detail were essential. "

Gwen Guo, Chairperson, Singapore Games Association

The success of our application hinged on Iris's ability to grasp the essence of the problem. The team and development processes have gone through a lot of changes but Iris adapts to all these changes with ease and always emerges better in the new tools, direction & paradigm.

Yuan Kuan Seng, CTO, ANA Industries

"Conscientious and focused, Iris often offered useful suggestions while working under pressure with complex instructions and highly detailed program procedures."

Bobbi Weesen-Baer, Mountain View Public Library

"Iris is great in turning ideas into actions. She manages projects through completion and is open to incorporating suggestions from other team members when developing solutions."

Swee Hoon Ong, Vice President, MPBA.org